April 8, 2005

Brit and K-Fed Update

As we have been sans internet for some time now, we are eager to share the insanity that is Britney. The rumor is that she's preggers and that her honeymoon is definitely over. K-Fed has been partying it up in Vegas with lots o' ladies while Brit slips deeper into mental illness. We give her props for trading in the sweatpants for jeans. We must, however, question the airbrushed tiger on her bleach-stained tank. And the Kaballah bracelet. And the hair. And the husband, but we digress. The Federline couple has announced they will have a "reality" show on UPN that shows videos and photos from their courtship and marriage. We were not aware that busting up a family by stealing a father of two was considered "courting" these days, but even we learn something new each day.