May 26, 2005

Bulworth throws in his two cents.

We love when celebrities get political and Warren Beatty just got political. Beatty concluded a recent speech, after criticizing both Arnold and George W. Bush,

“Governor — I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Governor, you’re no Kennedy Democrat.”

Our question is....When did Arnold ever pretend he wanted to be JFK?

We love Prince Nobody and all, but look at Brad Pitt! Seriously. Just Look.

May 25, 2005

Cameron supports Justin after his throat surgery. His mom's shirt says, "It's all relative in West Virginia," which is just weird.

Tara Reid and Tommy Lee have matching bracelets. That's precious.

No words.

Paris was reprimanded for masturbating at a club in London proving, once again, that money can't buy class.

And the plot thickens.

Baby Britney makes an appearance.

Beyonce achieves world domination.

May 24, 2005

Tom Cruise attacked Oprah yesterday.

This is the heroin addict that Kate Moss is dating.

Nothing good can come from this and we hope that Kate thinks of her baby and her sanity and walks away from this one. Women have a tendency to want to rescue men and Pete Dougherty is definitely in need of help. are not like stray dogs. Especially men with heroin addiction problems. We hope Kate finds her Prince Charming. And soon.

Baby Ben makes an appearance at LAX.

May 23, 2005

JLO and Marc Anthony attend the Subway Series...

And we see that she has eye wrinkles like most women....

And her husband throws like a girl.

Poor Jen.

Ashton is cute in a Zarin Kinsella kind of way.

Rod Stewart's daughter, Kimberly, had her breast implants removed recently which she then had framed. She signed the frame and gave them to her friend Jack Osbourne. We wonder what Pam and Lindsay did with their implants.

Pamela Anderson BEFORE


Lindsay Lohan BEFORE


Tommy Lee and Tara Reid have lunch after sex.

Jamie Foxx out in Miami with a woman that is NOT Oprah.

What is Mary Kate Olsen wearing?

After their 'Support Our Troops Special' airs tonight, look for Nick and Jessica to announce their separation.

May 19, 2005

Holy Tonya Harding!

Paris Is Selling Carl's Jr. Burgers. Daddy Must Be Proud.

Best Friends Forever (Or At Least For This Weekend)

Christina Aguilera Needs To Get Over Her Marilyn Monroe Look

Paris Is Officially A Caricature Of Herself

We Know, Paris. The Miracle Bra Is Amazing.

Tom's Current Lady Friend Is Seductive and Sexy

Tom's Former Lady Friend Is Seductive And Sexy

May 17, 2005

Prince Harry Shows A Child How To Smoke

Madonna's Hair Looks Weird

Sweet Jesus, The Time Has Come

Britney Should Learn How To Use The Internet

Britney Spears should really look into NetFlix or Blockbuster Online or Amazon. That would save a lot of these unfortunate situations where she looks crazy and is photographed wearing her nightie at the video store.

Lindsay Lohan LOVES Having Her Picture Taken

Ben Affleck Is Yucky

Jen Garner Is Pregnant. And She Dresses Badly.

J-Lo Puts An Old Wedding Dress To Good Use

A lot of people were hinting that poor Jen was sad after her ex, Ben Affleck, rushed to start a family with Jen Garner. J-Lo and Jane Fonda just topped the weekend box-office with Monster-In Law so we think she's holding up just fine. She made the talk-show rounds while promoting the film and was very sweet and pretty. Her one-year anniversary to Mark Anthony is coming soon. Way to stick it out this time, Jen. We're very proud of you. Big kiss.

Renee And Kenny's Wedding Photo

May 13, 2005

This Is Paris After She Stops At The Newstand

On Newstands Now

Jenifer Aniston Is Alive

Eva And Keifer Get Cozy While Shooting A Movie

For her sake, we hope she doesn't waste too much time with this one. He's so played out.

Cameron Diaz Looks Like Shit

David Beckham Is Too Hot. Seriously.

Nick's Shirt Says It All.

May 12, 2005

Lohan's Ex-BF And Ashlee Simpson Do Dinner

Wilmer Valderama was on Regis and Kelly this morning. They were on location at DisneyWorld in Orlando and they talked about Wilmer dating beautiful girls. Regis brought up Mandy Moore and Wilmer said she was his first love. Lohan wasn't mentioned at all. After they broke up Lohan went on MTV with a tee that said "You were never my boyfriend." It's ironic that Wilmer was dining with Ashlee Simpson as Paris Hilton's hacked sidekick showed an email from Lohan saying they should set Ashlee up with some coke. Obviously Lohan is bitter about Wilmer and we predict a few cocktails will get tossed before all is said and done.

Lohan Teeters On The Edge

We suspect Lohan will go the way of most starlets addicted to cocaine and admit herself into some place for "exhaustion" and life will go on. Before that, however, we're guessing a quickie marriage? Here she is leaving the Ivy in Los Angeles before dusk and already high as a kite. She is super flaunting her walk as if everything were exaggerated. Valium, Lohan. Relax for a sec.