June 29, 2005

BET Awards Breakdown, BOY-EEEEE

The Game and son, Harlem, arrived for the BET Awards where he sang a duet with Mary J. Blige. Why he held his son during the performance we're not sure. The opening number by The Fugees had the inevitable shout out to the crowd from Wyclef Jean asking who wants another Fugees album. He has been begging Lauren Hill to reunite for years (including on his album, The Ecleftic) and this just may be a step in that direction. John Legend won Best New Artist and did a duet with Stevie Wonder. Destiny's Child performed a sexy number where they pulled Magic Johnson, Nelly and some other dude up on stage and basically did lap dances for them. We're just happy they're breaking up so we no longer have to see them wear outfits designed by Beyonce's mother. Mariah Carey sang her hit song in a dress that showed too much of her big thighs and too much of her big boobs and she looked like she was about to fall over in her too high heels. Practice walking in them first, honey. Tom Cruise wore moon boots to present the Best Actor award to Jamie Foxx, who was a no-show. Other award winners who didn't bother to show up were Usher, Kanye West, Regina King, Shaq and Donnie McClurken. Denzel Washington at least taped a thank you speech for his humanitarian award AND his wife gave a lovely speech. We're wondering who the hell Donnie McClurken is in the first place, and what was so important that he couldn't attend. Will and Jada Smith were great as the hosts and Halle Barry and Michael Jordan looked totally amazing. And Ciara lip synched her performance. And we hear she has a penis.