July 6, 2005

Long Night Jess?

From the NY Daily News:

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL: That was "Dukes of Hazzard" co-star Johnny Knoxville doing his "Jackass" routine, but this time in an interview with Elle. He tells the mag that if he had to sleep with man, it'd be "David Geffen - you might has well hump your way to the top." He adds: "The only thing I've used sex for is to get more sex."
Meanwhile, Knoxville admits that wife Melanie Clapp - who's eavesdropping on the interview while he soaks in a bathtub - gets pretty mad about published rumors that he and co-star Jessica Simpson were close. The hottest woman he's ever met?
"I guess I'd have to say she's standing over me right now." Is she holding a knife? "No knife. But she does wield a mean pepper spray."