July 12, 2005

Say It Isn't Syracuse

We happen to love Syracuse and are hoping that crazy Tom Cruise does not start promoting the fact that he was born there. From NY Daily News: Could Tom Cruise be going home again to marry Katie Holmes?
The tiny upstate town of Skaneateles, near Cruise's birthplace in Syracuse, is abuzz that he wants to set the couple's wedding in the Monet-inspired gardens of the Mirabeau Spa there, our source tells us.
The French-estate ambience is said to be a favorite of the "War of the Worlds" star, as well as of the Clintons and the Baldwin brothers. And small wonder: Its 10,000-square-foot house, sequestered on 12 acres, offers a heated foot-massage suite, herbal-infused steam rooms, fireplace-heated saunas, couples massage rooms, European hydrotherapy pools and soaking tubs - lots of relaxation for potential wedding guests. Cruise's spokeswoman, his sister Lee Anne DeVette, is out of the country, but her assistant Marlan told us, "To my knowledge, this information is not true." "He was there four or five weeks ago with Katie Holmes," one local claims. "They discussed getting married in Skaneateles."