July 18, 2005

Vince Vaughn Makes Ted Casablanca's Column

Ted is back from vacation and posted this blind vice which we believe is about Vince Vaughn. After several hours spent in 5757, the lobby hotel at Manhattan's Four Seasons Hotel the other night, we were headed up to our room and walked right past Mr. Vaughn with two young men. The previous night, Prince Nobody told us that Owen Wilson, "The Butterscotch Stallion", was at 5757 while he was there. They were promoting their new movie, Wedding Crashers which opened with $32 million which is not bad for an R rated pic. Considering he's a member of 'The New Gay Mafia' in Hollywood, we would think he would of picked up some things along the way. Vaughn is definitely losing his hair, which was pointed out in Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy' [new gay mafia movie] and note the title of Ted's blind vice as well as the "And it ain't" section. There's the stallion. Enough said. Well just one more thing....Can anyone name a girlfriend Vince has had? If you can (strippers/hookers/massage therapists don't count as girlfriends), or if you have a guess for Ted's blind vice, contact us at PrincessNobody@hotmail.com. It's good to be back. We missed you all over the weekend. Big kiss!