August 13, 2005

Who's Promoting Peace Today?

Lindsay Lohan is and it's like, so totally radical, dude. Lindsay skipped out on the London premiere of her movie to return to New York to be with her mother while she began divorcing her father. Lohan's co-star, Michael "Beetlejuice" Keaton, was asked by one of the entertainment shows on the red carpet where Lindsay was and he said, "I don't know and I don't care." Meow. So here Lohan is, obviously being a great comfort to her mother. Aside from renting a house in the Hamptons and allowing her PR team to put out statements that she "wants her boobs back," and is committed to "a healthier lifestyle," Lindsay has been hanging out in the bathrooms of various clubs, snorting excessive amounts of Trimspa and feeling sorry for herself. She is like a rock of support for her Mom.