September 28, 2005

Page Six Sums It All Up

September 28, 2005 -- YESTERDAY was a sad day for celebrity marriages. Not only did Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush call it quits after just five months, but Kathy Griffin and her hubby of four years, Matt Moline, called it a day. In Griffin's case, the couple split because of irreconcilable differences — which can't be said of Murray and Bush. Murray, who cheated on her during their engagement (he hooked up with castmate Paris Hilton while filming "The House of Wax"), kept right on cheating after they wed. According to Us Weekly, "He cheats on her constantly and doesn't even try to hide it." Another cheater? A.J. DiScala, the hubby/manager of "Sopranos" star Jamie-Lynn DiScala, the magazine says. Meanwhile, Tori Spelling, who cheated on and left her hubby Charlie Shanian last week, has moved in with the object of her lust, actor Dean McDermott.