January 27, 2006

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

We often read the books that Oprah selects for her Book Club, like A Million Little Pieces by James Frey which was great...until today when the author admitted that he lied and as Oprah put it, "Betrayed millions of readers." Yahoo tells the tale here. Today Oprah did a live show with Frey and his publisher and a studio audience during which she pulled her Book Club Endorsement and said that she was embarassed for having supported him.

January 24, 2006

Hot Mess Loves Moss

The fantastically flawed ex-boyfriend of Kate Moss, Pete Dougherty, left court on Friday after pleading guilty to possession of heroin, crack cocaine, morphine and marijuana. This is the third drug-related arrest since November for the troubled rocker who claims to still love Kate. We predict a tell-all to the tabloids for cash and a subsequent overdose in the coming months.

Good Vibrations

Marky Mark Wahlberg and girlfriend Rhea Durham are expecting their second child together. May we suggest a wedding? No? You don't want to make that kind of commitment? Okay, it was just a thought.

Jessica Hides Her Accessories

And she proves that Brit-Brit is not the only one that loves Cheetos. In a recent interview with Heat magazine Jessica said, "I have amazing boobs. They're just perfect. At school, my boobs were bigger than all my friends and I was afraid to show them. Now, I feel they make my outfits look better. They're like an accessory."

Aniston Hangs With Royalty

Aniston and Robert Redford posed for photos at the Sundance premiere of her upcoming film 'Friends With Money' which has gotten positive early reviews. That's a relief after 'Rumor Has It' and 'Derailed' received not so good responses and her husband ran off and knocked up Angelina.

January 23, 2006

Hell To The No

Obviously the recent stint in rehab didn't stick as Whitney looks like the poster child for Crack as she stops by a mini-mart in Atlanta. So much for the big comeback we were hoping for.

That Bridge Is Burned

Adrianne Curry won season one of America's Next Top Model, was on VH1's 'Surreal Life' where she met Christopher Knight of The Brady Bunch. Adrianne moved in with Peter Brady (in real life) and they had a VH1 reality show called 'My Fair Brady,' in which Adrianne realized her dream of getting engaged to him. Long story short, she's in Playboy now and trash-talking Tyra Banks in interviews saying she's not a nice person and that her boobs are indeed fake.

Hey Y'all, I Really Love God

Brit-Brit and baby, sans K-Fed, visited a Hindu temple in Malibu where she got excited with the powder on her forehead. Raised a Baptist, Brit is also a devotee of Kaballah.

Don't Cry For Me Angelina

Aniston enjoyed day three of the Sundance Film Festival in Utah without her reported boyfriend, Vince Vaughn. Hopefully she's there supporting a movie that doesn't suck.

Baby Brad Travels The World

Brangelina visited Haiti to lend support to Wyclef Jean's charity and looked amazing. Okay, you can cry a little for Jen.

Congratulations Newlyweds

Remember when Eminem used to rap about how evil his ex-wife was and how he wanted to kill her? Well, the happy couple just got re-married and Kim switched from Crackhead Blonde to a lovely Brunette so that might make all the difference this time around. That and not having another man's baby or getting busted with coke or going to jail or trying to kill yourself. Those things probably hurt the first marriage, but that's just a guess. Best of luck to you both.


After all these years Kathy Hilton should really know when it's time to dress her age. We could forgive (but not forget) this nonsense back in May, but we're speechless in regards to the above display.

Down, Down, Down

This photo is pretty old but we've waited until Miss Paris was vulnerable to use it. Sort of a two-three punch. Paris is being sued for $10 million by a former girlfriend of Paris Latsis (the girl is from Diamond Graff money) after Paris Hilton planted a false story on Page Six of the NY Post regarding the young woman in a nightclub. Obviously this girl could buy and sell Paris Hilton but she's suing on principal so we guess she''ll donate the $10 mil a la Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. AND... a party promoter in L.A. is also suing "Miss Thing with the weird Ass Thing" for some contractual agreement she broke AND he claims she used a racist slur when addressing him. The fall from porn-star grace begins.

Sweet Jesus, Look At Those Lips

Poor Jessica Simpson is all confused about what is acceptable plastic surgery and what is an obvious tip-off that your idol is Pamela Anderson.

January 17, 2006

Golden Globe Trotters

Gorgeous George won his first Golden Globe Monday evening and he looked very good doing so. Brokeback Mountain won Best Picture, Drama as well as Best Screenplay, Director and Original Song. Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix won best actress and actor (musical/comedy) for Walk The Line. Felicity Huffman won best actress (drama) for TransAmerica and Philip Seymour Hoffman won best actor (drama) for Capote. Walk The Line and Brokeback Mountain won best picture for musical/comedy and drama, respectively. The pre-show rocked as Isaac Mizrahi was the new red carpet host for E! and we're hoping that he will host every carpet forever. We were relieved not to see Star Jones or hear her ass-kissing, wedding, payless shoe monotony. Now if only she would get fired from the View.

January 14, 2006

Consider It Spun, Sweetie

The article is mostly about Lohan's father and her acting, but these are the juicy parts: [And she now admits she began using drugs "a little," but quickly says, "I've gotten that out of my system." When asked later if those drugs included cocaine, she gets flustered, denies it, and says, "I don't want people to think to think that I've done...you know what I mean? It's kind of a sore subject. I've lost a family member over it, practically." (The day after the admission, Sloane Zelnick-Lohan's publicist-goes into a tailspin, attempts to erase the drugs from the record, and then wonders aloud how she will "spin" it.)] Later in the article: [When it came to dealing with the pain of her parents' situation, she'd turn to Valderrama, wanting to be with him "every five seconds," because "I didn't have anyone to go to." At 24 years old, he couldn't handle it, she says. "I'm ruining this relationship with this guy that I think is my first love," she remembers thinking. "I'm ruining it because I'm taking everything out on him." In all seriousness we think it's time for Lohan to move on and forget about Raaman Noodles. It's time.

Tara, Tara, Tara

We are eagerly awaiting your triumphant return.

Go Ahead And Order Both

Mariah had the best selling album of 2005 and we congratulate her on the comeback. We also would like to thank her for wearing outfits like this (and this) so we don't feel so badly about having that second dessert.

Eight Is Enough

Chad Lowe was once on 90210 as was Hilary Swank. Chad went on to do random TV movies and Hilary went on to win two Oscars. After eight years of marriage the pair has announced that they are divorcing and we could not be more shocked. Seriously.

Paltrow Is Preggers

Gwyneth confirmed today that she and husband, Chris Martin (frontman for Coldplay), are expecting their second child. Paltrow's ex-fiancee, Brad Pitt, is also expecting with Angelina and being that they all live in London, that is a weird degree of separation across the pond. The possibilities are endless.

January 9, 2006

Moving Right Along

Tori Spelling didn't let a little thing like divorce ruin her holidays and got engaged to boyfriend, Dean McDermott. Donna Martin is set to achieve 90210-like fame with her new VH1 show called 'so noTORIous,' arriving in April. Sorry Charlie.

January 5, 2006

Lohan Recovers In Miami

We wish Lohan the best in this new year and as we are trying to be a gentler , kinder soul, we apologize in advance for reminding the readers of this blog of her actions in the previous year. Being that Miss Lohan is currently hospitalized in Miami after suffering an "asthma" attack we will not pass judgement on her overdose/breakdown, but instead refer to the series of unfortunate events that have led her to this point. We begin 2006 much like the start of 2005. Mr. Wilmer ValdeRaaman Noodles was hosting a New Year's party in Miami which we are sure had something to do with Lohan being there in the first place. Back in 2005, Lohan and Wilmer broke up after she was hospitalized for "exhaustion" and Lohan just couldn't get over it. This led to a very public feud with Ashlee Simpson (click on links for backstory) which ended up with Simpson's song "Boyfriend" topping the charts and making Lohan sound pathetic. Lohan's father was put in jail for various reasons and her parents divorced and all hell broke loose and trimspa was everywhere. Then there were the two car accidents and a missed appearance on Regis and Kelly which angered the always calm Regis and then now we're here. This is not such a great place to be for Lohan but we suspect she'll play the "poor me" card which will be followed by the ReganBooks tell-all. Get better soon, Lohan. And Happy 2006.