May 30, 2006

Holy Baby Brangelina

While we were downing pina colada's in Hawaii, Angelina gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday in the African country of Namibia where they've been living since April. The little one's name is Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt and the parents celebrated by donating $300,000 to hospitals in the country, although she flew in her own L.A. doctor to perform the C-section. We don't expect photos anytime soon as the country has not granted travel visas to photographers unless they were personally approved by Brangelina. In case you grew up in America and can name all of the state capitals but have no idea where Namibia is...we'll let you know as Prince Nobody gave us a globe for Christmas. The South Atlantic Ocean is to Namibia's west, South Africa is to the south, Botswana is to the east, and Angola is to the north. Please join us tomorrow when we'll learn that Madagascar is not just the name of a movie.