June 26, 2006

Breaking News! Brit Wears A Cute Dress!

Kudos to Brit Brit on the return to her roots...anything is better than the peroxide do-it-yourself look. A poll by US Weekly reported that 87 percent of people lost respect for Brit following the Dateline interview so thankfully she is making an effort to get herself together. She hired a team to do her hair and make-up for a photo shoot and offered the photos to the tabloids for $200,000. Considering she called those magazines trash (pot, kettle?) there were no bidders and OK! magazine picked them up for $5,000. They ran an interview in which Brit explains her husband's reaction when she said she was preggers again...K-Fed was shocked and said, "Whatever you want to do." Brit's rep, Leslie Sloan Zelnick, needs to do her job as it is obvious that nobody is advising this poor girl. Spin, baby, spin.