June 28, 2006

Donna Martin Strikes Out

Are you f*cking kidding with this? Tori's father passed away on Friday evening while she was still in Canada until Saturday with her new husband after terrorizing his wife on an awards show. First of all, she married the guy on the same day that he divorced his wife. If that is not tacky, we're not sure what is. Secondly, Tori made fun of the Canadian actress and had her removed from the event....in the woman's own country in front of her own fans. Mind you, all of this was happening while her father was dying. And third, her father had a stroke the week before and was obviously not in good health, hence his death. Now she's crying that she didn't say goodbye before he died? This does not bode well for a next season of 'So NoTorious,' as we're not sure how she can turn this into an "I don't know" moment and make it funny. This is just sad.