June 19, 2006

The Interview - Lies, Lies, Lies

Aside from the ridiculous tank-top, Brit actually looks cute in the above pic which is reminiscent of Matt Lauer's first interview with her seven years ago. Dateline aired clips of that interview featuring Brit singing a Christmas carol at Rockefeller Center and she was just so sweet and darling. Flash forward to an obnoxious, lying, defensive 24-year-old, and that is where we find ourselves now. Lauer asked her about the incident in New York when she almost dropped her son - "You tripped on your jeans?" She answered that the street was cobblestone and she tripped on the street. It happened on 57th street and the only cobblestone in NYC is in the Meat Packing District. Dateline showed the video with Brit holding a glass in one hand, her son in the other, and her jeans covering her platform shoes. (Hems, ladies). Lauer asked her why she was crying after it happened and she said, "I was really hungry." Brit summed it all up by saying that it was an "oops" and there will be a hundred more oops and that her brother got in four motorcycle accidents when he was thirteen and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Whatever the f-ck that means. Lauer asked her what she would say to people that say Kevin left his girlfriend when she was six months pregnant with his second child, and she said that Julia Roberts' husband did the same thing. Dateline pointed out that he did not do that. Lauer confronted her with all the tabloids that were saying she would be divorcing and she answered, "I should start my own magazine." Then she laughed at her own stupid joke. Then she repeated it. And laughed again. Lauer asked her about the people that call her a "redneck." She answered, "I'm not a Bible belt." They showed a clip of Kevin wearing a red t-shirt that pointed out the redneck towns in California. It was a sad day in America.