June 13, 2006

It's All About Me, Me, Me

Rather than muster up any sort of grace in the wake of her horrid behavior, Denise Richards is intent on spreading negativity until we cringe at the very thought of her. In the midst of moving her children out of their home (which was in the same neighborhood as former BFF Heather Locklear) trampy Denise found time to tour Europe with Richie's band Bon Jovi. Upon returning to the States, she went off to Vegas to perform with the PussyCat Dolls and gave this quote to ET, " I was so thankful that Angelina had that baby....I'm like please have that baby so it takes away from us." A simple, "I'm so happy for them," would have sufficed but that would not be keeping in line with her special brand of crazy. Just so we're all on the same page here, Denise was in two movies, married the biggest playboy in Hollywood, used his connections to appear on some TV shows, had a baby, posed naked in Playboy, had another baby, slept with her best friend's husband, and sued her own husband for divorce because he looked at porn on the internet. Now it's time for her to go away. Or star in next season's Surreal Life. Whichever.