July 18, 2006

Run, Carmen, Run!

It has been a busy day for the girls of Baywatch. Carmen Electra and her husband of two and a half years are divorcing which we think is a blessing as Dave Navarro is extremely icky. They had a reality show called Till Death Do Us Part that chronicled the preparation for their wedding and he was just really nasty and incredibly weird. He takes an hour to get ready everyday. He wears a ton of make-up and curls his hair and it's all just so eewwww. Apparently he's been dating socialite Sarah Howard for the past five months although she would call it 'slumming.' Before he got together with Carmen, he was just some guy from Jane's Addiction and spent three years with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. No not Flea. Not Anthony Kiedis. The other one. Yeah, that was Dave Navarro. Good riddance.