August 27, 2006

Baby Momma Drama

Brangelina made their first public appearance as a couple in Los Angeles when they attended a birthday party for Scott Caan last week. As drama is a permanent member of their entourage, there was plenty of buzz surrounding their debut. After attending an art show the couple arrived at the party only to sit in their car for thirty minutes until Angelina's father, actor Jon Voight, had made his exit. Background: Scott Caan is James Caan's son and appears in Ocean's 13 with Brad Pitt and yes, they're making another Ocean's movie. Voight is somewhat of a legend in Hollwood and is dear friends with the Caan family, hence his attendance. Angelina has been estranged from her father since 2002 when he said in a TV interview that she needed help for her "mental problems," which she herself had extensively discussed in many, many interviews. In an uncharacteristic move on our part, we will not comment on this particular relationship. We have seen, however, Voight talk about how happy he is for Angelina and Brad and the birth of Shiloh and he has been extremely gracious when asked about his daughter and has always said how proud he is of her and her many accomplishments. Rumor is Brad, who is super-close with his fam, has tried to bring Ang and her dad back together to no avail. The other big news surrounding Brangelina comes from his family's first meeting with his Baby Momma. Brad's family, mother Jane & Co., flew out from Missouri to attend Maddox's fifth birthday party and received a less than stellar welcome upon arrival from Angelina. Actually, Angelina acted like they weren't even there. Perhaps she was pissed that Jane is still close with Jen Aniston, her former daughter-in-law until Angelina broke up their happy home, but she needs to get over it. There's no faster way to lose a man than to alienate his family and being an Oscar winner, Angelina of all people should be able to act like she is a respectable woman. Apparently Jane was none too pleased by the open bar at Maddox's little kid party and was offended that Angelina got wasted, leading the Pitt clan to leave several days before planned. We know that Angelina marches to the beat of a different drummer with the vials of blood and obnoxious behavior, but at her age and with three children it's time to grow the f*ck up. Of course that's just a suggestion.