August 14, 2006

Tough Time To Be A Barker

The Barkers divorce is in full swing with no shot of reconciliation. A friend of Travis explained, "Shanna is never home . . . She parties every night, sleeps until 1 p.m. every day, and doesn't spend nearly enough time with the kids. And on top of that there have been rumors she hasn't been faithful. He's had it." Through his rep Travis added, "I'm sad to say those allegations are true. My priority will remain my children." If the footage from their reality show is admissible in court, we don't see how she has a prayer of gaining custody or alimony. Not to mention any future guy she wants to be with can see what she's like on DVD - always sleeping, always complaining, never cooking or cleaning, always spending money, never with her kids, and completely unreliable. Great catch.