September 28, 2006

The End Of An Era

Over the past fourteen years we've come to accept the fact that our beloved Whitney Houston married Bobby Brown and their crazy love was not to be challenged. We can remember sitting in Jill Romano's pool and wondering how on earth our hero, Whitney, could marry such a yucky person. After all these years we have acclimated ourselves to the idea that she is "Crack is Whack" Whitney and people change. As did she. A tough lesson to learn, yes, but after watching Being Bobby Brown the message was clear. Bobby and Whitney were a couple in love. Albeit a crazy drug and alcohol fueled love, but love just the same. And we cheered. Now two weeks has passed since Whitney filed for divorce and there has been no retraction. The split is now fact. Whitney is in rehab and Bobby is living with a Video Vixen, Karinna Steffans, whom we once saw on Oprah. Hopefully this is all for the best but only a hit record will tell. Rest in peace Whitney & Bobby.