October 19, 2006

The Cruise Holmes Wedding Tour

Finally we get a statement from Camp TomKat. Originally, Katie said that she was going to wear a Chanel gown in her wedding next month, originally set to be in California at the Scientard Center. Apparently her parents were boycotting the ceremony as she was raised Catholic and yadda, yadda, yadda. Now the venue has changed to Italy and we're assuming that is because the couple "fell in love" there. Remember this? Anyway their rep released this statement, "I can confirm that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have asked Giorgio Armani to design their official wedding attire for their upcoming marriage." What in the hell does "official" wedding attire mean? Do they also have "unofficial" attire? Who's designing that? And for the love of God, Katie, stop with the all-black look. Despite looking like she is getting into a hearse and heading to a funeral, she is actually leaving a studio lot and that is the TomKat "official" mode of transportation. "Unofficially" they fly around on L. Ron Hubbard's spaceship.