October 5, 2006

What Happens In Vegas

Brit Brit hasn't been in the news since giving birth to her son Sutton Pierce which probably has something to do with the fact that her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, has been on hiatus. We think Zelnick has been too busy dealing with her other big client, Lindsay Lohan, but either way Britney has been handling her publicity all on her own. That strategy seems to be working out fine as long as there are no Matt Lauer interviews in her future. The Spears family is not without its scandal, however, and K-Fed's friends continue to sell gossip to the tabloids. Star reported in its Oct. 9th edition that 'Kevin's Leaving Britney!' and went on to report that Brit is not going to let Kevin go off partying like he did after Sean Preston was born. "This time," the source says, "Britney's ready to show Kevin who's boss. If he just takes off, I think there will be trouble." Proving that silence is sometimes the best policy, Brit has not commented on the fact that Kevin reserved a table at Tao in Vegas last Friday and Saturday to celebrate the club's anniversary. While he was smart enough not to have his picture taken with the ladies in his entourage, there are plenty of reports detailing his playboy behavior. We just hope there's no video.