November 14, 2006

All TomKat, All The Time

The Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding is in five days and the couple plus Suri have arrived in Rome. We'll be glad when we don't have to hear anymore about the $8,000 spent on hand towels with a T on one and K on the other. Random wedding favor, but whatever. The TomKat team is in overdrive saturating the news with stories like the $10,000 dinner that Tom ordered at a steak restaurant in Los Angeles last week. Saturday Night Live poked fun at this idea over the weekend, suggesting it really cost only $100. We did the math and there is no way it was 10 grand. Mission Impossible:III was just released on DVD and is making its rounds in American living rooms while the December issue of Vanity Fair features an interview with Sumner Redstone in which he comes off as a jerk. Katie went to a charity event hosted by new BFF Brooke Shields and now Brooke is shopping for a dress to wear to the wedding. That was some apology he gave her, eh? It's amazing how everything seemed to work out so perfectly. Almost like it's all a big orchestrated show. Ahem, *cough*, it is, *cough*.