November 8, 2006

Britney and Kevin: The Papers

The divorce papers filed yesterday by Brit Brit cite the date of separation as Monday, November 6th. The exact moment it happened was caught on tape during a day-long interview that the Fedster was doing to promote the album. Brit Brit followed that up with a surprise appearance on the Letterman show where she looked amazing in a short black dress. The actual paperwork was filed yesterday in Los Angeles with Brit seeking legal and physical custody of the kids. The date of marriage is October 6th, 2004 which is three weeks after their wedding ceremony. Thankfully during those weeks, the pre-nup was being worked out. While the exact details of the agreement are sketchy, the latest reports have Brit giving the Fedster $30,000 a month for half the duration of the marriage, which works out to $375,000. Kevin has undoubtedly spent all the money he "made" during the marriage so he might want to think about getting a real job. Taco Bell is hiring.