November 9, 2006

Dannielynn Dramarama

Anna Nicole Smith was released from the hospital yesterday where she was recovering from pneumonia. Uh huh. Coincidentally she came down with it on the day before she was to vacate the house she's been living in. Her rep or lawyer or whoever said that there were some winds in the Bahamas causing her to be ill. Uh huh. While Anna has been playing sick, her former friend spilled the beans, and we're guessing she saved the Blackberry text messages to back it all up. Laurie Payne stated in court documents that, 'Anna admitted to her in phone calls and instant messages that Larry Birkhead is the father of her daughter. Additionally, Payne stated that Smith was taking both methadone and Xanax during the time of her pregnancy.' Payne went on, "I asked her why she did not just go into a relationship with Stern, to which (Anna Nicole) responded, 'EWWW...GROSS!!! No way!! I would never!'" Anna's late son was also mentioned in the court documents as Payne described this exchange: Stern began to tease Anna Nicole's son Daniel "about being a 19-year-old virgin...Daniel looked at Stern and stated, 'I don't know why you're worried about me, you've been around my mother for 12 years and haven't had any p*ssy either." In other Anna news, Larry Birkhead posted a letter to his daughter on his website. DannieLynn has yet to respond.

Daddy is still hanging in there. I went to Disneyland with some friends thinking it would cheer me up, but I couldn't help but thinking after seeing all of the kids, what it would be like to take you there one day. Just when I started to have a good time, It made me very sad to see all of those happy families because I still can not believe you were stolen from me. Why am I not able to be happy like the other families? I constantly wonder what kind of person would steal a child from another. I thought at first maybe because your brother was taken from your mom was the reason, but then I realized she started planning on keeping you from me all the way back in May because I was concerned about you. It's up to the legal system now and my attorney to get you to me, your real dad. I hope you are home for Christmas. The holidays just wouldn't be the same without you. I am ready to fight anyone and everyone that gets in my way. One day, you will thank me for fighting for you when others expected me to just walk away.