November 13, 2006

I'm Santa's Helper, Y'all

The last sighting of Brit Brit in New York was Friday night, and she has reportedly flown to Louisiana to be with her family. Her first ex-husband Jason Alexander gave interviews regarding the split saying, "Kevin hasn't really held up his end of the deal, just like he didn't in his first relationship with Shar [Jackson]. Now, he's got four kids out there. It just seems like he's been focused on the wrong things. If I had a wife who was one of the richest women out there, I would be at home with my kids taking care of them, letting her do her thing. I think I'm a lot more respectful than Kevin is. I put my priorities first. I still love her a lot." He told Extra, "I don't hate the guy. ... I think he made an idiot of himself. The only thing he's done since they've been married is spend money. He won't get the kids ... he can't take care of his first two." Speaking of the first two, Shar Jackson said that while the Fedster does not pay child support, "he does pay for their school, and they go to a very expensive private school." Considering the kids are 4 and 2, we can't imagine the school is all that expensive. Wasting no time, Brit Brit put the Malibu house she bought after the wedding on the market for $13.5 million. She purchased it for $6.5 million so even if she has to split the sale with Kevin, she's not losing too much. Except possibly her mind. That would explain the tragic ensemble above.