November 2, 2006

Madonna Ups Her Freak Factor

Madonna is continuing her talk show tour, hitting the morning shows to talk about the adoption of little baby David. The focus is now on racism as she explains that people come up to her on the street and ask her why she adopted a baby that has a different skin color than her. She goes on to explain that she doesn't see color. Um, then why the f*ck do you keep talking about it? She mentioned the race issue on Oprah and now again. And seriously, who are these "people" that are going up to a stranger and asking that? It's not like she lives in a trailer park in Redneck City, Alabama in the 1950's. It seems that Madonna is the only person bringing up the issue. It's like when people say, "I'm totally not racist." Or when people go on about how they don't do drugs or are not promiscuous. Only those that are guilty feel the need to defend themselves. The protests are a dead giveaway. Hopefully Guy Ritchie will assume most of the parenting responsibilities for their kids as Madonna is more wacked than usual these days. Conveniently she's promoting her latest Kaballah kids' book during her TV appearances. She needs to stop now. Please.