November 27, 2006

Monday Morning Melodrama

Brit Brit, Paris and Lohan were still going strong at 5 am today as they left The Beverly Hills Hotel and headed to Paris' house. Last night was full of activity as Lohan explained how she attended a party Saturday night where she saw Britney and Paris. Lohan told the paparazzi, "I’m saying this on tape. She [Paris] hit me for no reason, apparently, at my friend’s house. I didn’t know she would be there and she hit me with a drink and poured it all over me. It hurts and it’s not OK. I’m sorry for everyone who thinks I’m crazy but I’m just trying to act." So sometime between midnight and 5 this morning, Paris' spokesperson, Eliot Mintz, made a statement regarding Lohan's allegations, calling them untrue, Paris never calls anyone names, a drink was thrown at Paris and Britney, Lindsay has said disturbing things about Paris, this must stop, blah, blah, blah. THEN, he called photographers this morning to take these pics. Desperate much?