November 17, 2006

Paris Is Pretty & Popular

The Dancing With The Stars wrap party was last night following the finale and former contestant Shanna Moakler posed for photographers outside. When asked about Paris Hilton she said, "Tell her to take her Valtrex." (That drug is for people that have herpes.) Moakler also sat down to tell her side of the story to one of the entertainment shows following her divorce party in Vegas. In reference to Paris sleeping with Shanna's ex, Oscar de la Hoya and ex Travis Barker she said, "For her to do it not once, but twice to me, was also, I think, in the poorest of taste." In regards to the infamous fight at Hyde she explained, "I just had words with her, that's it. I absolutely had words with her, and I think any woman has that right to be like, 'It's not cool. What you're doing is not cool.'" Paris Hilton is like that girl you knew in High School that screws everyone's boyfriend thinking that it will raise her esteem in the eyes of others. "Oh, well I slept with so and so and he dated Miss Pretty & Popular, so I must be pretty & popular." Considering Paris never graduated from High School, she is fulfilling that destiny now. Barker, the man at the middle of it all, said this last week, "Paris and I have tongue kissed before. It's not unusual for me to say hello to Paris and kiss her, but it's not like we are a couple or anything. When we see each other, we say hello. That's it." Ahhhhh, young love. So sweet.