December 20, 2006

Two Tara's For The Price Of One

One day after she turned 21, Miss USA was given a second chance at her job and Donald Trump gave a press conference about the whole thing. Dude acted like he was giving an acceptance speech at the National Convention. Seriously, who gives a crap about these pageant things anyway? Is this event the same thing as Miss America? Who knows. What we do know, however, is that Freaky-Deaky Trump bought the pageant and used to talk about it ad nauseum on that 'Apprentice' show back before it jumped the shark and we stopped watching it. Miss USA, Tara Conner, is familiar to us because she was on 'Project Runway' and Kayne lost his shit because he's totally Mr. Pageant Gown Designer and we digress. So the deal with Tara is, she lives in the Trump Tower with the Miss Teen Usa and drinks a lot and was having problems and Trump milked it for all it was worth. Tara tested positive for cocaine and Freaky-Deaky said, "She’s agreed to go into rehab. She knows that if she makes even the slightest mistake from here on she will be immediately replaced." Kayne is undoubtedly jumping for joy because she'll wear his winning creation to the Miss Universe Pageant. And the other Tara news is basically the same as it always is. Tara Reid. Drunk.