January 4, 2007

The Circus Is Back In Town

Back in December we dreamed of a day when Paris Hilton would go far away and Santa granted our wish, for a while anyway. Now that she has returned from Australia (where she skipped out on a check in a restaurant) she has resumed her job as the most annoying person in America. Now, however, she has one less venue in which to "work" as she was fired from one of her best paying gigs. Two years ago, Paris was given a sportscar and over $1 million to show up once a month at Club Paris in Orlando, Florida. She made it to the club's opening, but she was six hours late. The club's owner, Fred Khalilian, told the AP he "fired" her because "she has continuously failed to attend scheduled appearances at the location in downtown Orlando." Khalilian's clubs in Orlando and Jacksonville will now be associated with the city of Paris. He went on to say, "She's created a circus for herself. It's all about: How has she screwed up now?"