January 4, 2007

Show Me The Money

Jennifer Lopez has been warned by her family not to explore crazy Scientology any further. She is super best friends with Tom Cruise lately and has been a long time friend of Scientard Leah Remini. Tom and Leah have both credited the cult with helping them have children, something about no static or crap like that and J.Lo is desperate to have a baby herself. Her mom, Lupe, worries that an association could damage her reputation, not to mention the 10% of earnings the Scientards are required to give the alien worshippers. Considering J.Lo's fragrance line alone will bring in $1 billion next year, of which she will receive around $150 million, we think Crazy Cruise has more in mind than helping her have a baby. If that was the case, he could just give her Chris Klein's phone number.