January 2, 2007

Wipe That Dirt Off Your Shoulder

If you're a Nip/Tuck fan then you already know all about Dirt, the new series starring Courteney (Monica Gellar) Cox. Yes, she dropped the Arquette for the show. The FX network literally showed 14 commercials for Dirt during each Nip/Tuck episode and we now associate Christian and Sean with Peter Gabriel because "This time you've gone too far." Our point is, the show premieres tonight at 10 pm sans commercials, and the early buzz is that it's worth watching. Monica plays a ruthless tabloid editor and the catchphrase is, 'Fame has a price. She's here to collect.' Nice. Speaking of tabloids, Courtney's BFF Jennifer Aniston is the target du jour and we're thinking 'US Weekly' has lost their shit. These are quotes from their story about Jennifer, "She collapses in a heap, clutching her womb like she's been stabbed if she so much as passes a baby stroller on the street," is how her "friend" describes Jen's actions after she sees pictures of Shiloh. The "friend" went on to say Jen's therapy includes, "throwing baby dolls into a bonfire on the beach behind her place in Malibu. It's creepy, but she says it makes her feel better for a few hours. At least she's stopped watching 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' over and over again, for days at a time without eating or sleeping. That just wasn't healthy." Ummm, hello? Now they're just making shit up. Burning baby dolls on the beach right near the throng of paparazzi that follow her every move? And why would she watch Brangelina in a film? That doesn't even make any sense. Quite frankly, US Weekly has insulted our intelligence and we don't want to play with them anymore. So there.