February 13, 2007

CNN Presents...

Larry King is all over the Anna Nicole Smith saga and interviewed at least seven people close to the situation on his show tonight. During the broadcast, two significant developments occurred - Larry Birkhead's lawyer announced that he will travel to the Bahamas tomorrow and appeal to officials for a DNA test, and Bahamian officials announced that they have a new interest in Howard K. Stern as he is the only surviving person that was in the room at the time of Daniel's death. Howard was interviewed by police this morning and will return for questioning later this week. The photo of Anna's refrigerator with the methadone has sparked their interest because two people will testify that Howard gave Daniel the methadone that killed him and then he flushed the remaining drug down the toilet. The guests started out with Jackie Hatten who claimed to be Anna's best friend (this was later disputed by the CEO of TrimSpa as well as Howard's sister and Anna's lawyer, Ron Rale) who said that Howard controlled Anna by giving her drugs (she twice called Anna an addict). Jackie is close with Anna's estranged mother, but would not elaborate on the reason for their estrangement beyond the fact that it was personal and had to do with Anna's mother's ex-husband. Bonnie Stern, Howard's sister, was up next and said that Howard loved Anna and that he did not control her at all. I forget the order of the guests but this is the gist of their comments: lawyer for G. Ben Thompson said that his client used to date Anna but the house was not a gift and they are pursuing Howard's eviction in court. The TrimSpa CEO, Alex Goen, said that Anna was the one who wanted to marry Howard because she didn't have anyone in her life after Daniel died and needed some sort of commitment from someone, hence the commitment ceremony. TrimSpa guy also believes that the SlimFast in the refrigerator was staged by the thieves to question Anna's credibility. (Anna and TrimSpa were recently named in a class action suit by disgruntled dieters.) Anna's lawyer, Ron Rale, said that Howard is the executor of Anna's will which was written in 2001. He also said that Jackie Hatten's brother was convicted of stalking Anna and Jackie refused to testify in the case which put an end to their friendship. Tony Potts from Access Hollywood questioned the motives of Howard due to the interviews he was giving for money and the guy from TMZ.com said there are audio tapes of Anna calling her mother and Howard yelling when he found out who it was and hanging up the phone. Both guys believe Larry is the father and think Howard controlled Anna by keeping her wasted. Finally, the medical examiner from Florida investigating Anna's death said he spoke with Anna's physician who was very helpful in explaining Anna's medical condition prior to her death. Got all that? Expect a quiz tomorrow.
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