February 23, 2007

Finally It's Friday

It's been more than 24 hours and Britney Spears is still in rehab which is saying a lot. If she doesn't stay for 30 to 45 days, the kids go to the Fedster. Here are the pics of her losing her mind Wednesday night outside of K-Fed's place when she couldn't get inside to see him. Her mother drove her directly to Promises following the meltdown which was probably the best idea for everyone involved. We're off to Miami in a few hours, but we'll bring our laptop in case anything exciting happens that you need to know about. Oh, and Debra Opri is still being annoying down in Ft. Lauderdale as she goes on ad nauseum about how she's from New York. When the judge considering the paternity thing told Opri that her last statement was quite the run-on sentence, her co-counsel said, "She's from New York." What the hell does that mean? Oh, and the devil's lawyer announced they would be seeking a stay, meaning Anna's body can not be buried. Hey, Virgie, you lost. Just so you know.