February 17, 2007

One Step Closer To Peace

The body of Anna Nicole Smith was embalmed today, nine days after her death. Her last will and testament was presented in a Florida court yesterday and the only detail that is certain is that Howard K. Stern is the executor. Her estate was left to her now deceased son Daniel with a special provision that excludes all of her family members including spouses, her mother and any future children. The will was drafted in 2001 and provides for Stern to distribute all of her assets to Daniel. Stern said in one of his ET interviews that everything will now go to Dannielynn, but various probate lawyers have disputed this on Court TV. I'm just happy that Anna's body has finally been preserved for burial, wherever that may be. That question will allegedly be answered this Tuesday in Ft. Lauderdale. Stern has been ordered to testify and the judge has assured that he will only be questioned in regards to Anna's burial, meaning that he will not be questioned about paternity of Dannielynn. Of course, Anna's money-grubbing, evil mother is claiming that Anna's will is not valid. She sucks.