February 17, 2007

Regrets, I've Had A Few

The whole story is that Brit Brit went to a beauty salon and asked the stylist to shave her head. The stylist refused, so Brit did it herself. Then she went to the tattoo parlor. The tattoo is reportedly on her wrist, not her neck. The gossip rags are continuing with the gay rumors that have plagued Brit for years explaining that she brought two of the female dancers from a club to spend the night in her hotel suite. That is kind of unrelated, but maybe it's not. A lot of lesbians have shaved heads. Is this her coming out? I had to actually look at the date today because I thought the bald Britney Spears story was an April Fool's joke. What is happening? Seriously. A too-short haircut is one thing. This is a totally different thing.