February 15, 2007

So Y'All Can Like Fix This?

After an exciting visit to Manhattan to celebrate Valentine's Day, I was hoping to hear that the players in the Anna Nicole Smith drama had come to their senses and reached some sort of agreement. While we got slammed by a snowstorm up here in New England, a shitstorm of sorts has hit Ft. Lauderdale where three sets of lawyers battle it out for the remains of Smith. There are the lawyers for Howard K. Stern, the lawyers for Smith's mother as well as the lawyers for Larry Birkhead. Court TV has been televising the proceedings and arguments will carry into next week, when a recommendation from a non-biased lawyer appointed by the judge will become the ruling. This ruling may be appealed so there is no definite timeframe as to when Smith will be buried. Birkhead just wants to assure that DNA is taken for reasons of paternity, but Anna's estranged mother, Vergie, wants to bury Smith in Texas. ET and The Insider aired an interview with Anna on Tuesday evening in which Anna talked about the the beatings she received at the hands of her mother. Anna called her mother evil and this will most likely come into play in the Florida proceedings regarding possession of her body. Stern's lawyer explained that Anna's mother had not seen her since 1995 and that Anna wanted to buried next to her son, Daniel. Anna's bodyguard also was interviewed and said Anna hated her mother, and it goes on and on. I loved Anna's reality show on E! and religiously watched it (big shock) and it was obvious that Anna was estranged from her mother. One of her cousins, Shelly, showed up at Anna's house unannounced and asked Anna for painkillers and money. Anna took her out for dinner and at one point asked her where the teeth were that Anna had bought for her. Another cousin talked about how Anna paid all their bills and bought a new car for her mother (Anna's aunt). Below is a short clip featuring Toothless Shelly the morning after her visit with Anna which was part of an unauthorized documentary about Anna Nicole Smith. Enjoy.