March 26, 2007

Case Closed

The results are in and Anna Nicole Smith died from an accidental drug overdose. It was not suicide, nor homicide and certainly not murder as many bored bloggers have suggested. Actually, Anna's crazy mother Virgie Arthur and her white trash lawyers suggested that Howard K. Stern killed Anna and now they're pretending they never said such a thing. Hello? Video cameras. They record stuff that you say and usually it is on television. Geez louise. Arthur's lawyer, John O'Quinn, was on Court TV last night via satellite and was straight up drunk. Like slurring his words drunk. So what's next in the Anna Nicole Smith saga? Tomorrow begins the inquest into Daniel's death down in the Bahamas. Stern may have to leave "Horizons" as G. Ben Thompson is vigorously trying to have him evicted. Thompson (or Anna) bought the house for $900,000 and G. Ben is now listing it for sale at $10 million due to the attention it has received. Way to profit off tragedy, Thompson. Anna and Howard allegedly bought another house that needs to be renovated before lived in, so possibly Howard can move there and stay on the island but the last report on that had a bathtub sitting on the front lawn. Dannielynn needs a visit from Ty Pennington and his 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition.'