March 6, 2007

The Final Eight Guys

Blake Lewis just sang a 311 song and the judges liked it. Sanjaya Malakar just sang John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change" and it was really good. The judges think he is too young to be in the competition, but we're guessing America will continue to vote him in as he has an amazing voice. Keep doing your thang, young Sanjaya. Sundance just sang "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam and his voice is hit or miss. Chris Richardson just sang Keith Urban and his voice was way pitchy and kind of sucked. Sorry, but he did. Whoops, I just missed a couple of guys. Phil Stacey sang a song by Leanne Rhimes. Yes, he sang a song originally by a woman. What is happening with these guys this year? This Diet Coke commercial rocks by the true, in my life at least....What'll I do without you? Oh, my sweet Diet Coke. Ummmm, Chris Sligh has a funny sense of humor and all but I just don't get his thing. He's not that great of a singer and he grates on me like Taylor Hicks did. Please don't let him win. Puh-lease.