March 15, 2007

Good Luck With That

Aside from the ridiculous rantings of Larry Birkhead's attorney, Debra Opri, not too much has been happening in the Anna Nicole Smith saga. Opri, aka the most annoying human on earth, said Howard K. Stern needs to "put up or shut up" in regards to his giving a DNA sample in a California courtroom. Okay. She then said his feet will "be held to the fire." First of all, this woman defended the Jackson family (as in Michael) and said that it was normal for him to be sharing his bed with prepubescent boys. Enough said on that. Secondly, there is no reason for Stern to give anything to anyone in terms of DNA if we're looking at the legal side of things. He is the legal father of Dannielynn according to Bahamian law because he is listed as such by Anna on the birth certificate. That's the whole reason she moved there is so that the laws of the country would keep Larry away from the baby. Now, we're not saying Stern is the biological father, but we are saying that Debra Opri is grandstanding for her own 15 minutes of fame. She did it in Florida, now she's doing it in California. Just because she's annoying and throws out cliches for the cameras, doesn't mean a country is going to change their whole legal system. Geez, Louise. Her client, Larry Birkhead, is the one that suffers as he looks like a buffoon for hiring this imbecile. For his part, Larry has reportedly been shopping for nursery items in preparation for his daughter's arrival. At the rate things are going, she'll be 3 years old before she moves to California. Good luck with that. The devil herself, Virgie Arthur, is threatening to go to the Bahamas to seek custody of Dannielynn while the baby daddies fight it out in court. Again, good luck with that. Finally, the tool that is Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband is suing Bill O'Reilly and the Fox Network for $10 million for defamation of character. O'Reilly called him a fraud and "Prince I-Bought-My-Royal-Title" says people send him nasty emails now. Third times a charm....good luck with that.