March 9, 2007

Police Blotter

The Associated Press actually set out to refrain from filing any Paris Hilton related items for a whole week. Unfortunately for them, and for us all, Paris got her car towed after she was caught driving at night without headlights. This lead to the police realizing she was driving on a suspended license due to her DUI arrest so reluctantly the news had to get out. Ugh. When will there be suspensions given out for illegal use of self-tanner? Also arrested was Lane Garrison, an actor that appeared on Prison Break and stars in a new movie with Marky-Mark Wahlberg, for manslaughter as well as other charges. Garrison did not enter a plea in court today and was bailed out by none other than papa Joe Simpson, father/manager to Jessica and Ashlee. Garrison picked up three teenagers in his car and drove them to a party where he did shots of Grey Goose and lines of cocaine. He then crashed his car, killing one of the teens. If convicted, he faces up to six years in prison. Also arrested this week was John Popper of the group Blues Traveler after his car was stopped doing 111 mph. Oregan state police found hidden compartments and an arsenal of guns and weapons. He said he wanted to be able to protect himself. Paranoid much?