March 8, 2007

The World Of Whitney

Whit Whit has been gettin' her groove on with Ray J., otherwise known as Brandy's little brother, also known as the guy in the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Brandy has a whole set of her own troubles after she hit a car on New Year's Eve, an accident which killed a young mother. Two huge civil lawsuits have been filed against her and the behavior of her little brother of late has not brought any peace to the Moesha family. Ray J. most likely sold the sex tape of him and Kardashian which contains footage of golden shower action. If you don't know what that it. We're not about to explain. Moving on, Whitney's soon to be ex-husband, Bobby Brown, was arrested last week in Boston for failure to pay child support to the mother of his first 3 or 4 or however many kids he has. After three days in jail he was finally released after paying $19,500 that he owed. Then he lived it up on Whitney's Amex in Los Angeles as they celebrated daughter Bobbi Kristina's birthday. Stevie Wonder was also present at the dinner, and Bobby spent the whole night going back and forth from the bar to the table as he did $135 shots of VO. Brown has been crashing with random women since Whitney gave him the boot and is reportedly broke and homeless. Whitney didn't drink and was a picture of calm throughout the dinner, but was heard telling her daughter "Shut up," as she drove away from the restaurant. This reminds us of one of our favorite moments from their reality show which we like to call, "Shut up, just shut up, shut up." Enjoy.