May 30, 2007

All The Sordid Details

What a memorable weekend it was for Miss Lohan! First there was the big, big night out on Friday which ended up with Lindsay leaving Les Deux in Hollywood at 2:30 a.m. On the way back to her house, a visibly upset Lindsay jumped out of the chauffeur-driven SUV as she shouted, "Fuck you guys" to her friends in the car. The driver followed her as she ran down the street. Another male friend in another car also followed her and picked her up. It was off to the Mondrian Hotel where she begged the staff at the reception desk to rent her a suite, saying she would pay any price. As they were booked, Lindsay asked them to rent her a room at another hotel....then she ran into the bathroom and then left the hotel altogether. Then it was back to her apartment where the lovers' spat from hell lead to the Dee-Wee.
Shortly after arriving at her apartment, Lohan's lesbian lovah, DJ Samantha Ronson, left the building with Lindsay following after her. She was trying to stop Samantha from leaving, so she jumped in her Benz and drove up next to her yelling for her to get in the car. When Lohan saw the paparazzi filming her she threw a prescription bottle out the window at them. Samantha eventually got into the two-seater car, sitting on the lap of Lohan's passenger. That's when Lindsay lost control of her car on Sunset Boulevard, jumped the curb and hit a tree. She ran out of the car, had someone take her to hospital, had her bodyguard park her crashed car at her apartment, and subsequently got booked for a Dee-Wee and possession of drugs. Ugh.
Flash forward to 48 hours later and Lohan is passed out in the passenger's seat of Samantha's car after a night at the clubs. Then it was off to Promises for rehab. Her convict father, Michael Lohan, weighed in on the issue saying that both she and his ex-wife, Dina, (above back in the day) need to be in rehab. While we're no therapist, it does seem that her father's drug addicted, money swindling, many stints in prison, beating his wife ways seemed to play a part in this whole tragedy. Of course that's just a theory.