May 27, 2007

Get Your Priorities Straight, Kid

When is this girl going to learn? Lohan was nabbed at 6:30 Saturday morning for a Dee-Wee and faces felony charges after police found cocaine in her car. Little Miss Lindsay crashed her car into a curb at 5:30 am, and then left the scene with her passengers and went to a Century City Hospital to seek treatment for her injuries. Thankfully her passengers were not hurt. The police arrested her at the hospital and towed her car in which they found the Colombian marching powder. Not for nothing, but Lohan is driving around a 2005 Mercedes. Can't she afford a more recent Benz? Even we have a 2006 model, and we're not famous. Okay, maybe we're a little famous, but only to our dogs. And maybe the clerks at the liquor store.