May 9, 2007

Like Sands Through The Hour Glass

Each time we sit down to blog about Paris Hilton going to jail, she appears again on Yahoo! News with another script change. Okay. So she got a Dee-Wee way back in whenever and then was arrested for driving on a suspended license. A few weeks ago she gave an interview to Harper's Bazaar in which she said that the police only pull her over because they want to ask her for a date. She said they ask for her number and ask her out to dinner. Cut to this past Friday.
Paris appeared in court with her parents and a fancy lawyer and claimed that she didn't know that she wasn't supposed to drive. She signs things because people tell her to and she didn't read the papers regarding her probation. Paris blamed the whole thing on her publicist, Eliot Mintz, and he confirmed that they were no longer enjoying a client/publicist relationship. Eliot then went out to dinner with Rick and Kathy Hilton and announced yesterday that he was still in fact the publicist for Paris Hilton. But we digress. The constants in this episode of Paris Hilton 90210 are that a judge sentenced her to 45 days in jail and that she and her mother are throwing shit fits all over town. In an impromptu press conference outside of her home, Paris complained that the punishment was cruel. Cut to this week.
Paris was out and about driving as well as firing her lawyer and hiring a new one. She set up a petition online and her new lawyer just released a statement by her saying that her statements previously were not true. She thinks drinking and driving is so not hot. Tune in next week when Stavros' mother marries the butler and has the baby of her eye doctor.