May 17, 2007

Shame On You Brit Brit

An extraordinary thing happened here in Connecticut yesterday and fierce winds split several very tall, old trees into large lawn ornaments. We were the lucky recipients of 2 of those decorations. We lost all power here at Blogger HQ until hours ago, but don't fret as all was not lost and nobody was hurt. Completely frustrated that there was no power last evening we rushed to Stop-n-Shop as it was getting dark and hadn't nearly enough candles. Back at base we ordered dinner via cellphone as our landline went down with the power. Our street was closed which confused the delivery man and lead to quite the delay, but fallen trees tend to have that affect. No internet, no television, no phone, no lights. What to do? We read a book by candlelight and didn't worry for a moment about what Britney Spears was up to. On our way home from the office this morning (which was closed due to the lack of power) we started to get the itch. No power, no internet. We waited and waited and finally....What HAS Britney Spears been up to? Dear Lord, if only we knew. Her shaved head appears to have grown out about 2 inches and it looks as if she's gone and bleached it and had extensions put in. Isn't that how she got into this mess in the first place?! Our trees and our dreams...shattered.