May 18, 2007

That's A Whole Lotta Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan has rebounded from her cocaine snorting video scandal to one involving a Brit. Go figure. Lohan has been dating Calum Best, an English model type, whom she previously "dated" back in the day. He's quite the ladies' man and reportedly made out with a model in the Bahamas over the past weekend. The model and he had their tryst in the hotel hallway outside of the room Lohan was in. Then at the Maxim Hot 100 party, Calum was getting phone numbers of girls that were definitely not Lohan. You can see her mood progress if you consider the outfits below and above. When she is in the rainbow thing that makes her thigh look weird (below), all is happy go lucky. She changed into the blue sequin thing and not so good. The Post reported she had a blowout in the Soho Grand Lobby and Calum's shirt was torn when she confronted him about the creepin' on the side at the party. The couple ended up going back to their room. Oh, and she was Maxim's #1 Hot Celebrity...or whatever they call it. Maxim's #1 of the Hot 100. Obviously they need the publicity.