August 17, 2007

I Need A Miracle

Speaking of Justin Timberlake, he is rumored to be moving in with his bodybuilder of a girlfriend, Jessica Beil. We never watched an episode, but we heard the hu-bub surrounding her stint on the Christian show, 7th Heaven. She wanted to be a slut but they made her be good and she complained and quit or something. So basically we've never seen her act in anything and the previews for that Chuck & Larry movie made her look pathetic. Justin's ex, Cameron Diaz, has been making the rounds and most recently began dating John Mayer, Jessica's ex. She also became involved in a divorce case involving Criss Angel whom she dated for only a few weeks, meaning they fucked and she went to Asia to promote Shrek 3. He did a stunt and then told the cameras that he loved her and that was that. He has now moved on to Britney Spears whom he headed up to an 11th floor hotel suite with at 4 in the morning. Her peeps are saying that he is working with her on her MTV performance. long as they were working.