August 15, 2007

Maybe She Can Be A Third Wife

Thank somebody that Lohan is in a Mormon rehab in Utah and doesn't know that she just got sued big-time over her little cokescapade. Hey that's kind of cute, maybe we'll make it a category. Lord knows there are plenty of Hollywood folks to tag with that. We digress. A girl that was riding in the car of Lohan's assistant's mother, has sued Lindsay for assault and negligence. The girl says she was traumatized and that the police drew guns on her when Lohan got out of the car and chased her. That must be a wake-up call, having a gun drawn on you. We watch a lot of Big Love and those Mormons are not fussin' around with their sobriety. Linds reportedly has to do chores like wash dishes and clean the toilet. No phone, internet, lights out by 11 pm and up by 6 am. We say she should just move to Cirque Lodge indefinitely because things are not looking good for her out here in the real world.