August 20, 2007

My Hair Growed Back, Y'All

Things are not going so well for Britney lately and she may want to think about settling this custody lawsuit with a payout. On the list to testify for Kevin is Brit's mother, Lynne, an executive assistant from Promises, 2 former assistants, former bodyguards and even a woman that Brit hooked up with in Amsterdam when she was on tour. Private investigators hired by Kevin's lawyer found the woman and a friend that "Kevin trusts with his life" went to talk with her and she agreed to testify against Britney about the drugs and sex they had in May of 2004. Brit's divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, never agreed to represent her in this custody lawsuit and has recommended other lawyers that Britney should hire. In other words, she's dropping her as a client. To make matters worse, Britney continues to be out and about with Criss Angel. He's reportedly helping her with her MTV VMA appearance and the couple spent the weekend together as well. They tried to check into the Bel-Air hotel, but were turned away. We wonder why.