August 15, 2007

Newport Harbor: Realer Than Laguna Beach

What is up with the narrator's relationship with her father? Weird. Then at dinner they were all telling secrets in each other's ears. We heard all that nonsense was supposed to be straightened out by 2nd grade. Tall blonde's short blonde friend looks about 12 years old. Oh, snap. The girl is like on a balcony with hot guy Clay ready to make out after she stole him out from under tall blonde's nose and then her dad calls. She keeps saying, "Daddy, Daddy." Oh my God, her parents just showed up and are yelling at her in the hotel. "You should have known better, Chrissy." Ugh. So Chrissy (narrator) lives in walking distance from Clay's house so just walked over with her dog and he was washing his car and asked how her dad was. He was annoyed so she left. Now, Allie (tall blonde girl) is heading over to Clay's and they're going to hang out. Judging from the upcoming scenes of Newport Harbor, it will be a tug-of-love amongst Clay, Chase, Allie and Chrissy. Go-go-lucky.